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    Water Rhapsody

    All of the work carried out by Water Rhapsody is an attempt to reduce demand for and reliance on municipal water, which almost ran completely dry in 2018. Such work means that riverine environments around the world will regain their biospheres (the maximum number of eco-systems) leading to healthy sea life, estuarine life and riverine ecology.

    Water Demand management is achieved by using less of the precious stuff. This involves the re-use of grey water for irrigation purposes or for toilet flushing. Also by getting the toilet flushes to stop as soon as the toilet bowl is clear. The re-use of swimming pool filter backwash water for re-introduction to the pool. When all of this is done sense may be made of supply management. For the rainy season wherever you are, you may be harvest rainwater from the entire roof of buildings into water tanks and pump safely for household use. Water Rhapsody provides this system too to make you the prime supplier of water for yourself, something nobody can ever take from you.

    South Africa
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    South Africa
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    Last updated: January 23, 2022

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