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    Solar Water Solutions

    The company is a manufacturer of sustainable water purification systems designed to produce pure drinking water from contaminated sources under very difficult conditions. The company's filtration systems remove all impurities, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from the feed water, leaving only high-quality water as the end product, enabling clients to offer safe and affordable water locally in remote locations.

    Solar Water Solution leverages off-grid, decentralized and modular desalination for brackish or salt water treatment, which is not only very efficient and economical, but also builds climate resilience. The company is scaling up quickly in Kenya and Namibia for agriculture and small communities and through its technology protects against adverse impacts on water quality brought about by climate change.

    1, Keilaranta, Espoo, Finland
    Countries of operation
    Kenya, Namibia
    Year Founded

    ASAP Classifications

    Climate Related Hazards
    Changing precipitation patterns and types (rain, hail, snow/ice), Precipitation variability
    Human and Managed Systems
    Impacts to human health, and loss of livelihoods, Reduction in water availability, quality and security, Spread of pests, and vector-borne and water- borne diseases
    Physical and Biological Systems
    Saline intrusion

    Additional Info

    Company stage
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    Last updated: May 24, 2021

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