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    Permalution is a Canadian-Mexican startup that develops technologies to harvest water from fog. Permulation also develops water radar technology in addition to fog catchers.

    Permalution provides products and services that address future water accessibility problems. The women-led company has operations in Guadalajara, Mexico and Lima, Peru, and and produces fog harvesting technologies. Permalution focuses on coastal, valley, and elevation fog which can be captured using fog catchers. A single Fog Buster can collect from 150-400 liters of water per day, which is enough to provide for a family of four. Fog harvesting technology poses no threat to the environment because it only harvests a small percentage of the total fog available. Permulation also makes a fog radar, which gathers meteorological data on fog, and REIF (Report on Impact and Feasibility). The company offers five year warranty plans and the products are more affordable than desalination plants and more efficient than rainwater capturing technology.

    Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
    Countries of operation
    Mexico, Peru, United States
    Year Founded

    ASAP Classifications

    Human and Managed Systems
    Reduction in water availability, quality and security

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    Last updated: May 28, 2021

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