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    Intellecap is the advisory arm of The Aavishkaar Group, which works to build businesses that can benefit the underserved segments across Asia and Africa. All our work at Intellecap is designed to make markets equitable and inclusive.

    Internet for Things for Health - The Integrated community based platform brings together patient data ( Health Record) by not only collecting Demographic details but also sensor / device based data (e.g diabetes, hypertension, CVD, COPD) into a common platform creating continuous care management systems also based on the data macro or community level health information system. SUSPECT IDENTIFICATION: Explore & validate data-based tools for early identification of high-risk populations with greater exposure to Non Communicable Disease(NCD) risk factors and triggers. As part of this focus area, we are building an analytics platform for efficient and health worker-driven identification of NCD suspects outside clinical settings MASS SCREENING: Experiment with different approaches to targeted, cost-efficient, and door-to-door mass screening to identify NCD suspects outside clinical settings. PATIENT ADHERENCE AND ON-GOING MONITORING: Validate what works from a medical as well as economic perspective in ensuring patients adhere to care regimens – especially for diseases that do not present immediate symptoms but require life-long care.

    1001, Goregaon - Mulund Link Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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    Human and Managed Systems
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    Last updated: February 17, 2022

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