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    Ignitia has developed a unique algorithm that produces GPS-specific weather forecasts for the tropics that are twice as accurate as existing global models. The algorithm takes into account the convective processes that dictate a majority of tropical weather events (that global models are not calibrated for) to produce highly accurate 2-day rain forecasts, and also offer monthly and seasonal predictions.

    With over 84% reliability, Ignitia’s proprietary forecasting model predicts tropical weather patterns down to a hyperlocal range. The forecasts are delivered to West African farmers via SMS in partnership with mobile network operators.

    25, Bergsundsgatan, Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
    Countries of operation
    Ghana, Nigeria
    Year Founded

    ASAP Classifications

    Climate Related Hazards
    Changing precipitation patterns and types (rain, hail, snow/ice), Changing temperature (air, freshwater, marine water), Changing wind patterns, Heavy precipitation, Precipitation variability, Temperature variability
    Human and Managed Systems
    Reduced agricultural productivity and food security, Reduction in water availability, quality and security
    Physical and Biological Systems
    Heat Stress, Heat wave, Water Stress
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    Last updated: January 12, 2022

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