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    Fractal Engenharia e Sistemas

    The company in Santa Catarina develops solutions for the prediction of hydrological events and intelligent systems capable of assisting in the management of dams, promoting the automation of processes and increasing the safety level of hydroelectric plants in the country.

    Fractal's integrated and proprietary technology platform includes machine learning and big data to consolidate water resources management services and contribute to the safety of dams by assimilating data from various meteorological sources, stations that measure rainfall and river levels, and sensors to monitor the plants. By cross-referencing this information, the system is able to predict the flow of river basins, helping in decision making to prevent floods, droughts and other critical accidents related to natural phenomena.Predictive information on the operation of hydroelectric plants is sent to the ONS (National Electric System Operator) to optimize production and manage the hydrological risk.

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    EDP Ventures Brasil, Criatec 3 (Inseed Investimentos; BNDES)
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    Last updated: February 24, 2022

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