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    FarmApp is a service that provides farmers with information through email and text messaging. The app uses data collected in a variety of areas to give farmers a better understanding of conditions, especially climate and pest-related conditions.

    FarmApp was initially founded as a digital IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solution. Using IoT technology, the app centralizes information regarding climate, pests, and biological threats in order to deliver information to growers. This technology is meant to provide more accuracy and resiliency to several factors, but most significantly pests. Using soil sensors, spraying apps, and weather stations, growers are able to receive up-to-date information regarding growing conditions. With this information, Farmapp users are able to make adjustments in accordance with farming conditions. Such adjustments, especially with pesticide spraying routes, can be tracked with the app as well. This facilitates the ability for Farmapp and its users to react to pests and disease. So far, Farmapp has been used to automate over 1,500 greenhouses around the world.

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    Human and Managed Systems
    Reduced agricultural productivity and food security, Spread of pests, and vector-borne and water- borne diseases

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    Last updated: June 4, 2021

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