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    Consulting and Advisory company which provides services to combat the adverse effects of climate change variability in the public and private sectors. Provides weather forecasting and analysis.

    Products and services include - 1 - Agro-climate models. 2 - Climate finance for customers ranging from rural communities, farmers, associations, guilds, private sector, and public sector decision makers. 3 - Technical trainings to face challenges of climate variability and identify mitigation and early adaptation measures. 4 - Strengthening technical capacity for climate risk management. 5 - Hydroclimatic alert systems- SPAHAT and Participatory Agroclimatic Technical Tables. 6 - Extreme weather advisory, Vulnerability assessments, climate projections, forecasts and disaster risk management in sectors including agriculture, livestock, fisheries, water resources, energy, tourism and transport, weather and climate monitoring.

    97a 13, Carrera 10, Bogotá, Bogotá, Colombia
    Countries of operation
    Year Founded

    ASAP Classifications

    Climate Related Hazards
    Cyclone, hurricane, typhoon, Precipitation variability
    Human and Managed Systems
    Business disruptions, Damages to physical infrastructure, property, and critical services, Impacts to human health, and loss of livelihoods, Reduced agricultural productivity and food security
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    Last updated: February 24, 2022

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