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    Offers farm management software designed to facilitate connected and data-driven farming to integrate the agricultural sector with information and communication technology (ICT). Allows different value chain participants to monitor farm produce status, improve the financial and operational aspects of agriculture and ensure the quality and safety of food for end consumers.

    Agriculture is one of the critical sectors that demand quality natural resources for its sustenance. The ever-increasing population demands an increase in crop production, while the availability of ecological resources diminishes day by day. Thus, agribusinesses are facing a slew of challenges that significantly impacts their agricultural productivity. CropIn’s future-proof agri-tech solutions are reinventing how stakeholders in the agri-ecosystem produce, process and provide food to billions of people worldwide. CropIn’s innovative use of cutting-edge technologies encourages food producers to adopt farming practices that are kind on the environment and allow for a more sustainable production of crops. CropIn enables farming communities to define, monitor and adopt the best package of practices; maximise the per-acre value with optimum use of agrochemicals; adopt climate-smart agriculture for increased agricultural productivity; empower farmers with a more modern and scientific approach to farming; increase visibility over the supply chain for enhanced demand management and build an interconnected network of stakeholders for efficiency and transparency.

    1021, 16th Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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    Syngenta, McCain, Philip Morros, Bayer, Tafe

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    Krishna Kumar
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    Last updated: April 16, 2021

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