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    Bovcontrol is a data collection and analysis tool to improve performance on meat, milk and genetics production.

    The Company is orchestrating the digitization of the Livestock Industry, from farmers to grocery stores, passing through processors. Focused on enhancing food production, especially for remote villages vulnerable to natural disasters and drought, Bovcontrol has offers the ability to help farmers track meat production, milk generation and genetic identity.

    Redwood City, California, United States
    Countries of operation
    Year Founded

    ASAP Classifications

    Human and Managed Systems
    Reduced agricultural productivity and food security
    Physical and Biological Systems
    Heat Stress, Water Stress

    Markets and Customers Served

    BovControl seeks to serve all stakeholders in the dairy and meat value chains from ranchers to the end user. Currently, their primary customers are B2B clients in Brazil and the USA. Farmers (majority small- to medium-sized farms) are mostly on their freemium model analytics suite with the goal of attracting their downstream partners onto the B2B product. Bigger farms often have internal solutions and so are not typical adopters. The primary markets are Brazil and the USA with interest in expanding into Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa.

    Climate Vulnerabilities Addressed

    • Drought/Water Scarcity

    • Heat Stress

    Business Model

    BovControl has two main lines of business:

    • Business 2 Farmer (B2F) BaaS

      Farmers subscribe to BovControl’s Platform, paying for analytics and insights to improve herd and operation management

    • Business 2 Business (B2B) SaaS

      Downstream users (e.g. dairy and meat processors) adopt BovControl’s supply chain management platform and pay a subscription per farmer to integrate their farmers into the system

    How Bovcontrol's Products and Services Are Building Climate Resilience

    Beef and dairy markets are on the rise. Beef as a source of protein uses among the most land, water, and energy while emitting the most greenhouse gas per 100g of protein. It also has the largest effect on aquatic ecosystems and air pollution, impacting human respiratory health the most among all food types. BovControl addresses these effects by facilitating efficient resource use in production. For example, by tracking cow feeding habits and milk yields, BovControl can identify the most efficient milk cows, minimizing resource use per liter. BovControl can also enable long-term sustained benefits by allowing farmers to track and breed their most efficient cows, eventually leading to an efficient herd.

    BovControl also provides GHG emissions estimation and water management capabilities along with tools to mitigate them.

    Relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    Opportunities to scale and for technical assistance

    BovControl aims to become the main digital platform for cattle management. They are prioritizing the diary industries of Latin America and the USA with their BovDairy application. Phase 1 of their strategy has been to reach as many farmers as possible (currently 60,000 on their platform) to gain access to robust data.

    The company’s mid- to long-term product roadmap includes:

    • Build out product offering including BovAds: advertising platform for farmers, GHG emissions tracking, and water use per liter of milk tools
    • Enter new geographic markets: Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa.
    • Expand presence in existing markets: U.S. and LatAm
    • Develop BovBeef product offerings for meatpackers, processors and farmers
    • Leverage data and unique position between suppliers and buyers to develop AI analytic tools to anticipate livestock supply, demand, and price, producing market reports

    Pilot programs in other countries and regions would support growth and identify customer needs. Local governments along with agriculture and beef organizations can encourage adoption among farmers and drive processors to better understand their supply chains. Additionally, access to market feasibility studies and market research would help BovControl identify new opportunities and prioritize actions accordingly. Institutional partnerships and introductions to major downstream buyers of dairy and beef would help provide customers and capital to build out products and increase the network effects of their platform.

    Partnerships with the UN SG office, regional MDBs in Asia and Africa, and the IDB in LatAm would help expand geographic scope of their product and fund product development. As a supply chain resilience product, investments from governments and Santagro have been proposed to help solve food shortage crises. As a monitoring product, the World Bank has discussed using BovControl to track cattle in Africa and ensure funding was being properly used on cattle.

    Potential impact metrics

    Potential impact metrics include: number of farms using BovControl with sustainable farm certification, reduction in resources used (land, water, energy, feed, etc.) per unit of output, smaller GHG footprint across supply chain, and GHG reduction per cow, among others.

    Additional Info

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    Total capital
    2.1M USD
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    Last updated: April 21, 2021

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