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    Awi Super Foods

    Awí is a regenerative and circular economy social enterprise that seeks to: (i) disseminate new models to regenerate and preserve the Amazon rainforest, working with local river people and cooperatives to introduce syntropic agriculture (ii) promote systemic positive social impact using green technologies, agro-environmental education, green towns (iii) address the global diet-related health crisis, as evidenced by growing obesity/diabetes/cancer rates, via complete superfood products

    Through the ECO FARM SCHOOL Patu Anu, Awi joins riverside communities integrating agroforestry practices, the use of green technologies and innovative models of education. Current actions in progress include: - Catalyzing new chains of fruit trees and species native to the Amazon - Demonstrating of the use of green technologies (solar, biodigesters and bamboo) - Socio-environmental education and agroforestry training - Partnerships facilitating scientific research

    São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil
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    Last updated: April 22, 2021

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