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    Agsmartic Technologies

    Developer of a platform based on data-driven agriculture intended to predict yield and maximize output. The company's product use data collected from field using low-powered sensors that gather soil information, detects crop disease and help to control irrigation, enabling farmers in improving the yield of the crop and manage their farms better.

    Agsmartic provides a data driven solution for customers to better analyze crop conditions including soil, irrigation and disease, enabling them to adapt to climate change and make better management decisions in order to increase crop yield. Through tools including smart irrigation, yield estimation, crop recommendation, disease detection, satellite imaging and farm management, farmers are able to increase their capacity to absorb change and maximize profitability.

    Sector 50 - Link Road, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
    Countries of operation
    Year Founded

    ASAP Classifications

    Human and Managed Systems
    Reduced agricultural productivity and food security, Reduction in water availability, quality and security, Spread of pests, and vector-borne and water- borne diseases
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    Last updated: December 14, 2021

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