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    Agrosmart S.A.

    Agrosmart is an agtech company with a farm management solution designed to help farmers monitor irrigation and other agricultural data.

    Developing countries in Latin America and Africa often have very little infrastructure and applications available to generate actionable agronomic data for farmers. Agrosmart is transforming the field by providing producers with farm management tools to be more productive and sustainable. The Company’s agronomic models are generated based on data such as seed genetics, soil type, and microclimate by capturing and integrating data from different sources. Farmers are then able to make better decisions regarding irrigation, how to control pest and diseases and ways to reduce costs and increase yields, ultimately saving water usage by up to 60% and energy by up to 40%. The data allows farmers to understand how climate change and environmental conditions can impact production and better prepare for the changes in order to generate better farming outcomes.

    Campinas, State of São Paulo, Brazil
    Countries of operation
    Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay
    Year Founded

    ASAP Classifications

    Human and Managed Systems
    Reduced agricultural productivity and food security
    Physical and Biological Systems
    Heat Stress, Water Stress

    Markets and Customers Served

    Agrosmart serves three main customer groups: Rural Producers, Agroindustry, and Value Chain. Rural Producers include farmers of all sizes and producing a variety of crops (e.g., Raízen). Agroindustry includes companies producing seeds and chemical inputs, with which Agrosmart works to develop new products – by monitoring different variables related to plants and the microclimate of each region, it is able to extract insights to inform genetic improvement of crops and undersatnd the factors that affect productivity, such as the environment and farming practices (e.g Syngenta). Value Chain includes food and beverage companies, for which Agrosmart can help to monitor their value chain, increase traceability, climate resilience, and supplier sustainability (e.g. Nestlé).

    Climate Vulnerabilities Addressed

    • Drought/Water Scarcity

    • Heat Stress

    Business Model

    Agrosmart has three main lines of business:

    • SaaS

      Subscription to Agrosmart’s Online Services Access Platform

    • Services

      Recurring revenues through the provision of services (e.g., sensor rental, maintenance, recommendations etc.)

    • Projects

      Customized projects for corporate accounts, partnerships, and R&D

    How Agrosmart's Products and Services Are Building Climate Resilience

    Meeting the need of increased global food production by 70% by 2050 while facing increasing climate stress will require more efficient use of resources. Only 10% of the food production increase will come from new cultivated areas, therefore 90% will need to come from efficiency improvement technologies. Crop losses due to climate change are already occurring. Every 1 degree celsius increase in the average global temperature is estimated to yield a loss of about 2% in agricultural production. Water scarcity is set to increase magnitude and scope in many regions around the world.

    Most of the food we eat comes from family farming where the level of training and use of technology is low. Agriculture consumes approximately 70% of the planet’s freshwater, and half is wasted due to lack of knowledge of when and how to irrigate. Access to information and understanding of the crop for climate resilience are essential to overcoming this challenge. Developing countries in Latin America and Africa account for much of this goal but are limited in resources and infrastructure that can support farmers with data and information from the field. Agrosmart wants to transform agriculture by helping producers to be more productive and sustainable, generating relevant information and helping them learn from their crops.

    Agrosmart monitors crops to translate nature and unleash the power of data in food chain. From research and development to the food Industry, we deliver intelligence to different parts of the agricultural value chain, promoting more sustainable and climate-resilient farming practices.

    Relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    Opportunities to scale and for technical assistance

    Agrosmart aims to become the main Digital Agriculture Platform in Latin America and to be able to integrate with different data sources to generate intelligence for different stakeholders across the food value chain.

    The company’s mid- to long-term product roadmap includes:

    • integrations from current product agreements and incorporating third-party agronomic insights;
    • Seed Placement Models for corn/soybean at regional and plot scale;
    • blockchain integration;
    • consolidation of modular dashboard per customer segment easing customer segmentation and sales strategies;
    • consolidation of risk models for insurance and credit;
    • scaling software service offerings;
    • expanding geographic coverage to other countries in Latin America and abroad.

    Pilot programs in other countries and regions would support the development and input into Agrosmart’s solution, especially with the participation of local institutions and government. Additionally, access to market feasibility studies and market research would help Agrosmart to identify new opportunities for impact and to prioritize its actions accordingly.

    Potential Impact Metrics

    Agrosmart is already measuring environmental impact with clear KPIs (e.g., water and energy consumption) and using known methodologies, such as SIP (Social Impact Project). Other impact indicators currently under development include: employment generation, farmer profit, social welfare, among others.

    Additional Info

    Generating revenue?
    We are generating revenue
    Annual Revenue
    Over $3 million USD
    Total capital
    Company stage
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    Last updated: March 10, 2021

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