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    Agromyx (Ghana) manufactures freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and grains to stem post-harvest losses and create instant food products. We aim to deliver innovative solutions for the elimination of post-harvest food losses in the global food supply chain, and also providing nutritious healthy food products. Connecting farmers to the business world by increasing productivity.

    Agromyx produces vitamin & mineral-rich food products with zero waste to tackle malnutrition and obesity. To do so, the company focuses on fresh produce and cereal crops,processing them to extend their shelf life without adding any preservatives or additives and reducing post-harvest food waste. The company aims to deliver innovative solutions for the elimination of post-harvest food losses in the global food supply chain while providing nutritious natural healthy food products. We are committed to working directly with smallholder farmers, cooperatives and like-minded companies to grow abundance in the agriculture sector. Postharvest food losses and waste are major problems in the food and agriculture industry in sub Saharan Africa. It is estimated that every year almost 50% of fruits and vegetables, 40% of roots and 20% of cereals are lost. This affects smallholder farmers especially and the food industry in general. It results in seasonal shortages and price hikes. African agriculture has long been a symbol of the continent’s poverty. We believe that by working directly with hundreds of millions of African smallholder farmers to tackle these problems, we will make the system in Africa as robust as possible, and will not merely prevent starvation. These improvements will also fight disease, poverty and malnutrition, create businesses and jobs and boost the continent’s economies and improve its trade balances.

    Ashaiman Lashibi Road, Tema, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
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    Human and Managed Systems
    Impacts to human health, and loss of livelihoods, Reduced agricultural productivity and food security

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    Sells to customers throughout West Africa
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    David Ayivor
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    Last updated: April 14, 2021

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